Weekly Vlog: Lisa has surgery | I got cut! | Inappropriate touching!! | Prepping for a BTS Vlog!

Hello world!!

I’m moving right along with these Vlogs and it’s giving me all the fuzzies inside! LOL

Today’s Vlog is really only 2 days long but that’s ok because the next couple of Vlogs will be fun and scary! Yeah, we had a scary moment happen so you gotta watch them as they come in! Be sure to subscribe to my channel here ok!

Lisa’s finger, man, it’s been an issue for months and I’ve been telling her for a hot minute to get it checked! You probably heard that convo in the car in this video. I LOVE my sister but sometimes she worries me!

If you read the title you would’ve noticed the “Inappropriate Touching” part! LOL….I hope you caught what happened in the video through my busting up! LOL ahhh….we have our moments!

My most exciting Vlog coming up after this is the DITL Vlog I mentioned in this video! I really am just bragging about my brother! He is a really great guy, husband and dad! I’m so proud of what he’s become and so proud of what he’s built. He’s only 2 years older than me so we grew up close. I was his shadow forever until Lisa and Manny came along….then we grew up.

I’ll share more in my next Vlog post when that’s ready. Just stuff about his business and things!

Oh, FYI, I’m hoping that for the next vlog post I’ll already have moved over to WordPress!! Yay! I’m happy about the move, there’s just a learning curve with WP. I’m trying though! I’ve already moved my crafty site TheJuleBoxStudios…are you a crafter?? Maybe you”ll come visit, come visit!!

See you soon! I hope you’ll enjoy the video if you haven’t seen it yet and if you have, Thanks!!

//If you’re in SoCal and in or around Whittier/Norwalk even towards Upland and need some salon services please visit Alissa on Instagram. Regardless of what you saw in the video, (my whininess and all), Alissa is really good at what she does, REALLY GOOD! Although she hooked up her aunt and Momma at her house she does have a salon with her mom Lisa at Ladies Lounge!! Tell her I sent you OK?!

//Have a looksie, if you’re from SoCal or the surrounding states, at ClickSound for services! Tell him you saw this post ok!

*Copied and Pasted from my YT description for this video*

This life event vlog shares a bit of my relationship with my sister. You’ll get to know us better the more I Vlog, but we’ve known each other just as long as she’s known Tony…about 35 years now! We grew up together and have gone through it, really gone through it but I thank God we did together! She is the sister I was always meant to have and I couldn’t ask for a better one! I Love you seester!! It also shows a “micro-moment” mother daughter relationship she has with Alissa. Lisa is tough and never backs down and is a strong minded and willed person and within all of that she’s super loyal with a SUPER HUGE heart and is ALWAYS there for her kids, especially with Alissa. So please don’t get it twisted when you see “the clip”, don’t even think about taking it out of context, this is real life and we don’t fluff and pet for anyone! Just gonna leave that there! *wink

Have a great day ya’ll!!

xo, Jules

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