Travel Vlog Pt 2: Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Well hello and welcome to Part 2!!

If you haven’t seen the Part 1 video… it is!

Blog post for Part 1 is HERE!

Well we all decided we wanted to go on some excursions, nothing like jumping off of a bridge or anything, it had to be something easy and where there was probably no way we could hurt ourselves!! LOL Getting older sucks but with my back the way it is I really had to be careful.

Our first excursion was the “Luxury Snorkeling”! We had to do an early check-in at the “Terminal Maritima, Puerto Vallarta“. In the video I think I mentioned it took 30 minutes or so to get to the place but it actually took approximately 1 hour. The views from the yatch was so beautiful that the time just flew by!

There is a chunk of video I didn’t have because it was difficult for me to swim to the shore of the beach with the camera in hand (I didn’t have accessories for the GoPro at that time to strap the camera on me but I do now) so I left it on board. The beach was fun and chill. We did ride the banana boat once and just layed out on the beach and had some beers. The beach’s sand was like crushed seashells but they didn’t hurt my feet, it was great to exfoilliate!! LOL

On our way back we had our lunch and enjoyed the ride!! It was so beautiful being on the water!

Let me share the pamphlet info with you. I’m sure the prices change year to year so you’ll have to check the tours info on the website HERE. I blanked out the other excursions on the video but we’ll share the other 2 in part 3 hopefully. We did the “Luxury Snorkeling“, along with the snorkeling was the chill beach day, “Las Caletas Beach Get-away” (which is a all day beach day with drinks and many activities) and then “The Rhythms of the Night” with a great dinner in a gorgeous setting! We had so much fun at these!! Manny and I really LOVE PV, we’ll be back soon!!

It now being August 2023 we are planning another trip to Vallarta in September and plan to do different excursions to experience. You’ll have to head over to my Facebook and Instagram and follow there as I’ll be sharing photos before the video actually come out…..I really wanna be caught up by then though!!

When we were in Yelapa we walked by “Mira Mar Excursions“, we didn’t book anything this time around but it was put on the list for places to stay. We’ll let you know when we do! In the video, the main patio deck was shared. I don’t know what their rooms look like but she did say they had like 3 houses in Yelapa. Check out their rooms, tours and events!

What we did for the first time was take the public bus!!! I was a little nervous because it’s a confined space with lots of people but it was starting to get dark and we could not get a Taxi or an Uber so we took the 10-15 minute ride to Mismaloya and made it back safely. The fee was only $10 pesos which was approximately $.50 USD!!

No Panchos Takos in this video but we did try other places out and needless to say they weren’t the same! Anyhow. I do have to mention that Oregano Caribbean Cuisine was excellent! The food was savory and cooked just perfectly for us. It’s a gem!

Places we ate at in order of the video! These links are to Maps and directions for your reference!

Here are some pics from part 2 video, enjoy! They are in order of day!

December 23rd

December 24th

December 25th

December 26th

Some things we purchased for this trip are linked below for your reference!

I mentioned laundry services in PV that we used and I wanted to share map links. Since we were staying for almost 3 weeks and didn’t have access to a washer and dryer so we took our clothes to wash twice while in PV. Here are the laundry services we used.

Lavandaria Elsa, This is just around the corner from Panchos Takos and a 10-14 minute walk from the Airbnb. The other place is Lavanderia Aquamatics but I couldn’t find it. The name wouldn’t come up but I found this one, hopefully they’re still in business.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve got part 3 coming so stay tuned! Don’t forget to watch todays video!

Part 3 blog post HERE

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See you soon and be safe!

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