Travel Vlog Pt 1: Spend 2 weeks in Mexico with us! || Vacationing with the Rivera’s!

Hello friends!

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I’m still playing catchup, and that’s ok because I’ve decided to not allow myself to feel pressured. I’ll move along as best I can and post in order. So, having said that, we are finally into December 2021!! Can I get a whoo-hoo!?? This is the beginning of my family travel diaries!

Today is finally the day I’m releasing our very first “Travel Vlog” video! As you can tell by the title of this post, we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Who are those strange people with Manny and me??? Well….I’m not sure, they just jumped in the picture!! JK! Those people my friends are my brother Tony and his wife *thumbs pointing to me* “my sister” Lisa! I’m so excited we’re finally going to be able to start traveling together and I’m gonna vlog about it all! That cool?

So, FYI! I’ll be sharing as much as I can all of the locations and info that I can about our travels but this isn’t by any means a “Travel Advise” type video, it’s a vlog. So what’s the difference? Well I’ll tell you! We are not in the business to be like…. “These are the 3 best places to go to in Mexico” or “Top 10 places to eat in Puerto Vallarta”…no, we’re not doing that! This is more of a “Sharing our days while we travel”, “What we ate and where and we loved it, or not” and so on. You know, a vlog, documenting on video what we did and where we went *smile*. Now if in the future when we’re more knowledgeable about some places we can do that.

I will share a list of places we ate and where we stayed if you wanna know, ok? OK!

So here is today’s part 1 of our travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2021. We spent about 2.5 weeks together and it was so much fun!

Since we were staying 2.5 weeks there we had to find a very inexpensive Airbnb that was close to everything! Manny found this place for us and it worked out fine. Tyania was our host for both rooms. We stayed in #201 and Tony and Lisa stayed in #202) and was very sweet and available to speak to. Tell her we sent you ok! Just remember that there are only stairs in this building and 2 big flights of them to get to these rooms.

The places we ate at are listed in order of the video! Just in case you visit and wanted to give any a try!

There is a lot to do in PV but the cheapest is to chill on the beach and watch everything around you and nap! The first time Manny and I went to PV in 2019, we stayed at Secrets Resort which was beautiful and I loved it but comparing that to this trip, we actually got to do and see a lot more and got to know Puerto Vallarta A LOT! Staying in an Airbnb saved us money and it really made us have to go out (not that we didn’t want to) and get to know PV. I’m glad we did it this way this time and it’ll probably be how we will always spend our trips to Mexico or anywhere we go.

Since we stayed for 2.5 weeks I have footage pretty much daily and these vlogs are like diaries for me and my family so I have divided them in parts. I hope you’ll hang out and see what we do!

Even though we’re all in our 50’s we did get to a point where we just went out to eat and head back to the Airbnb to relax and sleep because we were all so exhausted! LOL!!! Overall it was so much fun though!

Can I share some pics from this part 1 video?!

I love sharing photos with you guys! Doesn’t the food look amazing!??

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today! See you in Part #2

To watch part 2, click the button below!

Blog post for part 2, go HERE

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