Travel vlog part 4: Chilling at Caletas Beach || The Mexican Sunsets!!

Hey ya’ll!!

Well, this is my final vlog for this trip. We’ve had so much fun together and now that we’re currently almost all “semi-retired” we hope to be able to travel more frequently. For me may be difficult because of my back and having a harder and harder time walking I’ll have to adjust how I get around…..more on that later.

These last 3 days we did one last excursion that was one of my favs!! Caletas Beach is BEAUTIFUL and private and serene and although there are tons of activities they line up for you, we just wanted to chill! Check out Vallarta Adventures Caletas Beach Hidaway. It’s super fun for families too!

Watch this Part 4!

If your’e just coming in and wanna start at the beginning, just click the buttons below! Each video has the blog post linked in the description and also if you scroll down a bit I have them linked too. Thanks!

In each post for this series you’ll find loads of links for where we went to eat, things I purchased for this trip and tons of pictures! I’ll list each part for you!

Places we went to eat at in order of the video!

Here are some pics from this part 4! I hope you enjoy!

December 31, 2021 thru January 3, 2022!

Our Airbnb had a 1 burner stovetop, not really easy to cook in so we went out to eat at least 2 times a day. It was easy, there were tons of places all over to try, so we did!!

We have another trip planned! In just a couple of months or so we’re heading out to Arizona for a night then heading to Puerto Peñasco to see a childhood friend and we’ll drive through Mexicali on our way home. I’m excited to see our friend and this time my mama is coming along!

There’s a few things we purchased for this trip, you can find those and other items over at my Amazon Storefront Travel Picks! I am an affiliate and do receive commissions, just fyi, I appreciate your support! *Smiley face

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We’ll see you in the next post! Have an amazing day ya’ll!

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