Travel Vlog Part 3 || Puerto Vallarta || We’re official Food Critics || Our Vallarta Adventures!!

Hello world!!

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I don’t know how it quite got started but we started rating our food experiences at some of the restaurants we went to. I gotta say, it was fun to see what and why we rated what we rated! Maybe it was from the bad experience we had at “Los Traviesos”!!? We did a 1-5 rating with 5 of course being the best!

I could tell through this part we were starting to feel homesick but we were determined to make the best of our days here which is why I was glad to have rescheduled one of our excursions….it was spread out just right!

I mentioned in the video that I had some references to share. So check the lists below!

Places we ate at in order of the video with Google location and our ratings:

Our Adventures and Excursions in order of the video:

There’s tons more references about places we went to and items we purchased for this trip in Parts 1 and 2 with pictures and links!

You can watch the first 2 videos below!

Let me share some pictures with ya’ll in order of the video!!

At Los Traviesos. We had the worst experience here. More info in the video.

Dinner at “Mariscos Cisneros”. 4 star rating!

On 9|29|21 was a chill day. Manny and I went to Fredy’s which was a great place for breakfast or lunch! Manny and I gave it a 4 as well! The rest of the day we spent on the beach and people watched! Watch the video!!

Now the following day we had lunch at a great spot called “Una Familia” but for some reason I have no pictures from that meal!! But, it was very good homemade food and we rated it at an average of 4. You’ll have to watch the video see what we had, especially Manny with a Molcajete Mixto!!!

That evening we went to a show called “Rhythms of the Night”. For me it was difficult to get good pics and videos but I’ll still share some.

We had so much fun that night! We end up going back for our beach day in part 4!! Make sure to stay tuned for that!

The longest trip we’ve taken so far is to San Sebastian del Oeste, It’s a village that was established way back in the 1600’s and was a mining town. Check this blog post that talks about it’s history. Manny and I knew very little about this place so Benjamin shared what he knew when we sat at “El Fin Cafe”. Looking back I wish I would have gotten more pictures, it was a beautiful place and I’ll share what I have.

On our way to San Sebastian, Benjamin stopped at a ranchy style restaurant called Cazuelas where there were ladies making handmade tortillas!! The food was great but quickly after we ate we were on our way again because San Sebastian was far into the mountains. We did stop at a beautiful canyon view at a rest stop then back on the road. We finally get there….

Well that’s the end of part 3! Part 4 is coming and it is the FINAL part to this trip! There’s another trip coming in April of 2022 to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, just south of Arizona State. Theres home vlogs too! Subscribe to the channel for more!

If you’re a paper crafter, I have a crafting channel I would love to have you be part of! My crafting Vlog is linked in the tabs bar but I’ll link it here.

See you soon, be safe ya’ll!

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