Our last days with Dad and his last moments….

Hello friends,

This post is like none I’ve ever published…

September 19, 2021 was my saddest day ever. My Papi passed away, he was 91 years old and he was my hero!! He was cool, loving, our biggest fan and super tender hearted.

When I was a very little girl and I waited for my dad to come home I’d run to the door and he would pick me up and sing a little song he had made up for me…he’d sing it in Spanish,  “La reina, la reina de la casa, la reina de mi vida…..” I can never remember the last couple of words 😕 It doesn’t matter though. Him singing to me always made me feel super special!

I battled with myself about posting this video even though I had recorded the process. I really thought it was just for me and my family. But as days passed and I started working on this blog, I realized that the reason I started my vlogging channel was to document my life. Well, this is a life event as incredibly sad that it was, I decided to post it and create the documented video of Papi’s passing.
I feel incredibly honored to have been by his side helping him as he transitioned. His passing was peaceful and he was surrounded by love from us kids and mama. I know he felt that! 

I hope my video will encourage others or somehow help in someone’s healing after a HUGE loss like ours.

My video has a ton of slides of my family from us kids, his grandkids and great grandkids, of my dad in his last days and some footage of his Birthdays from 2020 and this year as well as when he passed and of his burial. I also sat with my mom and filmed her feelings as we talked about Papi.

I mentioned at the end of my video that I would share the Memorial Card I made for the “Celebration of Life” gathering we did for Papi. It was approximately 6×9 card with 1 page in the center with photo collages on both sides! I was very proud of it.


Thanks to everyone who left comments of condolences on my crafty FB page when I announced our loss of Papi’s passing. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you all to for stopping by and watching my video.

We love you Papi!!!

xo, Jules💔

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