My Hair Transformation Journey!

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Today’s blog post is or was a super sensitive time in my life. I know, It’s just hair right? Well, it was more than that for me and most. I’ll be sharing all about what I went through during the whole transition in my video, click the button below!

The inso pics of these 2 beautiful women really had me feeling even more anxious but only to get to the end faster. Peeking at these images every now and then really took some sadness away. I mean, the beginning was SO HARD and the emotions were just making me depressed with all the bad feels. I wanted to get to the end.

I really hope that this whole transformation story helps you through yours if you’re going through it.

So this went on for 2 years. I had my hair died on 9.3.2020 (My dad’s 90th Birthday)…..

As it’s growing out and the day I had almost all of it cut off!!

…then my last recorded haircut in 3.18.2022.

I however decided not to go shorter so we left the little bit for a later haircut. Looking back I should have had Rachel cut it ALL OFF no matter what but oh well. I let it grow out and had a trim like 10.2022. I was finally rid of it!! Over 1 year later to today, I am blond free and I’m so happy!!

After all of this, to get to this point, I felt so free! I LOVE my hair now and look forward to this next chapter of my life.

My little fan is the best!! I mentioned I would link it for ya so HERE ya go!

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