mom comes home with me after Papi passes away || She’s Doing ok

Hello world!

If you haven’t seen the last video in the timeline, here it is. As you can probably tell, I’m still catching up but it’s fine. I’m not going to pressure myself too much because this was a hard last couple of years. Even as I write this in 2023 I make myself remember that not only am I sharing my life with you but I’m keeping an online diary of mine and my family’s life too…so I’m not gonna pressure myself.

Papi (my dad) passed away on September 19, 2021 and there was quite a bit of things I wanted to take care of for my mom and the family like arrangements and things. Once we buried Papi mom needed some time away. On October 4th, mom and I flew out to Washington to get away and have her rest. My poor mom went through so much and I honestly didn’t want to leave her in LA.

At home my husband held down the fort (there’s no fort it’s just what people say, lol) but I felt bad leaving him for so long. He was so supportive of me and my mom. He didn’t fuss not once and I’m so grateful for him.

I cleaned up our guest room for mom and tried to make sure she was set. I knew some events were coming up during the Fall around my area in Oregon and Idaho, so I shared that with you in today’s video linked in the button below!

The Peruvian food at Casa Zoraya we went to was really so good and I don’t feel it was too expensive for 2 people. I placed the pics of the food in order of the receipt. The pic of the soup was called “Locro de Zapayo” (Butternut Squash Soup) and I tried so hard to recreate it for thanksgiving and I felt I accomplished just that but a little more simpler. I remember thinking at the time that the amount they served mom wasn’t enough until I had some and let me tell you, it was so filling that when I made it for Thanksgiving dinner I used ramekins as bowls otherwise it would’ve been too much! LOL It tasted pretty good I must say and I think I’ve made it over a dozen times up til now Summer of 23, my family just loves it! I’ll have to do a recipe video of it because you guys, it’s so comforting and creamy and savory! Yeah, I’ll do one for sure.

Here’s theirs and mine…

The IKEA buy I made of the “Forhoja” cart was for my craft studio. I’ve yet to do an updated tour for 2023 but I do have a tour of my studio of what it was lastly here. I filmed that in August of 2021 when I was home for a little bit. Also in today’s video as was mopping my floors I took out the shelf unit I had in the kitchen. I switched that out for the silver metal one I had in the studio. I like the white one better, it just went better esthetically with the rest of the furniture in the studio!

When we left Portland on our drive back home we stopped in The Dalles where “Cousins” restaurant is. This was a place we would stop at all of the time when we took our annual vacation to and from LA when we’d visit family, or whenever we would go to Portland for a weekend!! Love those memories!

Mom likes taking pics so of course we took a couple in front of the restaurant.

In the video I mentioned a “Baby Sewing Project” mom was helping me with. I had made bibs, burp rags, washcloths and a teething rag ring for our new baby girls coming to the family! Baby Niyah born in May 2021 and Camilla born in December 2021!

When mom said she wanted to go to the Brazilian restaurant I told her to get dressed and ready by 5 or something. She was putting her outfit together, ironing her pants and getting some jewelry. She even asked me for some perfume! She’s so cute. Here’s a picture of her before we left to “Boiada“. She looks like a doll!

My mom tries to come up to Washington every 6-8 months and stays with me for 3-4 weeks at a time. It’s so nice to have her and spoil her when I can. One of the biggest benefits of working from home is the ability to be flexible and take her out whenever I want when she’s here you know.

Mom is a shopper!! She loves shopping for new clothes or a new bag, she always looked great! She loves to match her shoes with a scarf or coat with a bag! Such a fashionista! Needless to say I took her shopping and I loved to pamper her with Mani Pedi’s, my sister Lisa does the same. Mom is loved and spoiled but she deserves it!

If you read the “About Me” page on my craft site you’ll see that I wrote about how the first kind of craft I learned was sewing from my mom. We spent a lot of time in the studio just making things. Mom sewed and knitted….I think she started knitting a sweater. I actually don’t know if she finished it yet, I’ll have to ask her! LOL Mom was the one who taught me that you could dismantle whatever you wanted to make to use as a pattern and I’ve done that throughout my life. It’s a way to save money you know and I enjoy creating things and watching her create too!

I also took some random pics of mom….

If you’re interested in the “Rebel Junk” Vintage show in IDAHO, you can check HERE at their site!

For the Scrapbook Expo we went to in Hillsboro, this being during 2021 and still pandemic era the show may get better but you can check for info HERE.

It was a great couple of months hanging out with mom! I hope you enjoy the video!

Coming up next is all about us having fun in Puerto Vallarta! This is our first trip together with Lisa and my brother Tony. We’ll be sharing our travels with you as they come! I hope you’ll watch!

Thanks for hanging out today!

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