LIFE VLOG: Moving into the studio! || Colombian and Korean fusion?? || going home

Happy New Year again! I hope your 2023 is going super well!!

I’m still playing catch-up and it’ll be a while before I do but I’m just letting ya’ll know. OK….

Well we, Lisa and I, are finally moving all of our product and supplies into the new studio. So far it’s been a big step and super easy to get things done and I think what I like more is that we have our own separate space to lay our stuff out and I can make our labels right there anytime I want to!

For pics and links to all of the furniture we used just click HERE to the previous post!

This week was a busy one. We were stocking up on products and moving into the studio as well as arranging and re-arranging things. I’ll share a tour as soon as I’m able. Our stock has grown a little bit that week!! These are pics of 3 scents, we were still making our last batch of our “Cashmere”. The recipe to this one will be changing a little bit, we’ll be going sweeter with it! I wish you could smell it it’s a beautiful feminine scent!!

Aren’t these labels super pretty?! I had to teach myself how to make them. Check out my tutorial on my crafty Youtube channel “The Jule Box Studios” at the link below!!

Other than the business of “Know Label”, things with my dad has been very draining and stressful. I’ve never seen him so emotional, I mean a wide rage of emotions like someone with Bi-polar. As a CMA and working with elderly patients at assisted living facilities and doing home visits with bed bound patients I know the depression and anxiety the elderly go through BUT it’s different when it’s your loved one, your parent. I was feeling depressed myself and felt a great need of being consoled. I needed a break and went home to my husband in Washington. My poor momma took a lot on her own and I felt so guilty leaving her but it got to the point where I couldn’t talk to my dad because he was harsh with me.

Little did we know what would happen when I got back to LA.

Let’s continue with today’s vlog….

One of the GREAT things I LOVE about LA is that there is every kind food from maybe every country to try, especially fusions of foods!! ahh….Let me tell you about a friend of Tony’s (my brother). So his name is Chino and he is Korean but grew up in Colombia, isn’t that cool! He opened this restaurant in K-Town/Los Angeles called “Escala, K-Town” where a lot of musicians in Hip-Hop go to to meet and just hang out really. He’s got a Korean chef who created his menu and the dishes then another chef from Colombia “remixed” them!! Such a cool way to bring 2 cultures together! He sometimes asks Tony to stop by and play a set of music so I was lucky enough to be out there when he was scheduled to DJ and let me tell you, the music was perfect for this place and the food was even better! I titled the dishes (hopefully they haven’t changed) but look at these pics! It was all delicious!!

You can find Escala HERE and the menu!

I also loved the feel of this place, so artsy, you can see it in the walls, the decor and the food! It’s been a while since we’ve gone…I can’t wait to go again, that Sweet Caribbean Rice was yummy, so was the Chicharron! It was such a refreshing combination of textures and flavors! I want to go back! lol

Stay tuned for the next vlog! I’ll be home and I’ll be trying to stay busy and hang out with my honey! I’ll also be getting started on the Teddy invites for Anthony (Tony and Lisa’s son) and Monique baby shower in October!! Can’t wait!

You can find my brother Tony on Instagram (@clicksoundstage) if you need any sound and stage for your event! He is well known in LA for his music career and his business. Hit him up! Here’s his website:

Well, that’s all for today ya’ll! Have a great one and thank you for stopping by!!

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