life vlog: Dancing the night away….for 2 minutes || Papi get’s sick!!

Hey world!

It’s been over a week now that I said goodbye to my Charley. Some of you who follow me on Facebook know that she had some strokes and was in pain due to her back so Manny and I decided it was time to put her to rest before things got way too painful for her. I’ll be making a post on the situation soon but this is where I’ve been over the last 2 weeks. I just wanted to care for her.

This is my Sweet Charley!!

Let’s get to the vlog….

*As mentioned before, I’m still catching up. This is from July 2021.

Since June 2020 when my dad had his first stroke I left work that day and went to LA the next day to be with him and my mom. My leave was 4 weeks at first then 3 months after and my dad wasn’t getting better so I made the decision to resign and stay in LA with my family, bittersweet because my husband was in Washington State so I kind of left him too. Although he was SUPER supportive of me caring for my dad, he wanted me home too!

During my time in LA I took care of my dad 24/7 despite what you see in my vlogs. Because there was Lisa, my mom and 2 brothers I often took breaks going out to dinner, taking my mom out and spending a few days with my husband when he’d come for a visit but there was always someone with my dad.

During this episode of my dad being ill I was out with my mom so she can have a break and get her mani/pedi done. She loves being girly! She loves shopping and going out to eat and going to Church on Sunday’s, now being able to go out to lunch with church friends is now her kind of life. My dad was a bit controlling of her and yet very dependent of her. Once he became bed ridden he needed her there all the time so I helped a lot with cooking for him and helping her wash and clean after dad. The last year of my dad’s life he was in diapers and needed 24 hour care.

In the video, dad was having a gall bladder attack (in my opinion) and was vomiting for hours so I pushed Palliative Care for some IV hydration. For the elderly dehydration can be deadly. I had mentioned in my video that the nurse I spoke to the evening the vomiting started that she was just so negative and pessimistic about getting an approval for IV hydration, she told me that I would have to just wait util the Dr office opens…just excuses! After an order came through from his doctor we were able to get the therapy.

SO at this point and time I had been in LA off and on for over 1 year! I would go home for 2-3 weeks and then come back to help. This time, Papi was worsening and we decided that it was time for Hospice.

In today’s vlog there are a couple of restaurants we went to. If you’re in LA you can find those here. Shenanigan’s in Long Beach! It’s fun with the live bands playing! At the end of the video we were at “Red O” in Newport Beach, Ca. There are 3 locations total! A beautiful upscale-like Mexican Restaurant/Grill. Did you hear Lisa’s critique? LOL, I’m telling you she really knows her food! I’ll have to document some of her specialties! Ok guys, thanks for stopping in!

See you in the next vlog!

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