Life Vlog: Coming Home After 2 Months || A Root Canal?!! || Let’s Shop At Target!

Hi world!

It’s so good to be home! After being away for 2 months, I was thrilled to be home if even for a little while. Honestly, I was torn between returning home and leaving my parents but I was glad that my other siblings were there to help.

Little was I worried to come home until I actually walked in that I needed to get to some cleaning. Yeah, hubby did the basics and I’m grateful but my house needed me. My Kitchen!! Well, the whole house was really dusty and was looking very lived in! LOL I had been wanting to change some things up in there anyways so this was my chance before I would have to return to LA. I’ll be doing a deep clean out and overhaul in the kitchen in the next video. I think the kitchen clean-out will be in 2 different videos… stay tuned!

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First thing was the surprise from Manny! I didn’t notice what he had done until the day after I flew in but I was shocked!! LOL

While I was in LA caring for my dad I started to have some issues in my neck, headaches daily at the base of my head and I couldn’t sleep well either. I have to say that it was probably that and my lifting him and helping him in and out of bed as I’ve shared in past vlogs. The weaker he got the more heavier he felt to me. So when I got home I had some massage services I had to use before they expire and I had them work on my neck with almost every visit. Little did I know what was really happening…I’ll gradually be sharing that in the future videos.

Also in this episode I begin to mention work on my teeth. It had been in discussion long before this video with my dentist about a year ago. I’ve got a lot of feelings built up about this since very young, like 7 years old or so. I was never bullied thank goodness but I did get into fights because of it!! Watch for the story unfold on this transformation!

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