Getting a new smile! || My Invisalign Story!

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This story started way back in 2020 when I first talked to my dentist about “fixing” my teeth but it was expensive to do the Invisalign. I have to backup, my teeth were SO bad and I remember getting teased by other kids all the time, got into fights with them dumb boys too! I did the braces thing but being a teenager I didn’t follow through with the retainer thing and then, I’m almost back where I started.

It’s been almost 30 years and I finally have that smile! But let me tell you, It’s not just the smile I wanted but also to have the ability to eat comfortably. I had such an overbite and the smallest gappy bottom teeth that I could not get a clean bite! I literally had to tear my food from the sides of my mouth. You should’ve seen the sandwiches I tore up! LOL

So there are 2 things I needed to do but I couldn’t do anything with my bottom teeth until I fixed the top so my dentist took some xrays and thought I had an infection in the roots of my bottom teeth and then a CT but according to my Endodontist the “infection” or dark area surrounding my roots were not an infection after all but a “anomaly” that is a rare disorder in the bones that causes the roots to shrink and looks like an infection but isn’t. Needless to say no root canal would be needed and I got the clearance to move forward with a bridge because at some time in the near future the small roots wouldn’t be able to hold my teeth in my face and they would fall out eventually. I’m not waiting for that!!! So we start on the Invisalign to get them positioned for the bridge in 2021.

This was going to be expensive. Both procedures are spendy and I had to take time to save up some money. I was able to start on the Invisalign in August and was all over in November and it was amazing to be done with part 1 but the bridge, although we had the molds, couldn’t happen just yet.

Let me show you a couple of school pictures. I lived with these teeth all of my life until I was about 17 years old….

After I had my braces off I wore my retainer but not consistently, maybe for a couple of years.. I remembered that I had them on when I went into labor with my son. My dad took a picture. I was 18 years old. They were straight for a long time and I didn’t have any issues for quite a few years.

From around my 30’s my teeth slowly began to get pushed out and my bottom teeth began to shrink (although not right away) sometime in my 40’s. Now my teeth weren’t as bad but my over bite made taking a bite difficult. I’ll share the bridge later as it doesn’t happen until February of 2023.

For a clearer look at my teeth from 2021 before I got Invisalign until after…. Not bad huh? Now I have to get them whitened!!

Finally after the Invisalign I was so happy with my top teeth!! My smile was new and shiny! LOL I’m sorry I can’t help it!

The next thing is that bridge! I’ll share that in a bit because the whole thing all done is such a confidence booster and I finally have the smile and bite I’ve always wanted. For now, we’ll continue on with life and I’ll see you soon!

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