DITL || Run Errands with me today!

Hello friends!

Well we’ve been back from Mexico for a bit now. We rested for a couple of days then Manny had to get back to his job and I had got my house back in some sort of order!

Today was an errand day and I decided to take you along with me. It’s January 2022 and cold here in The Pacific Northwest but it’s a beautiful Winter Day! A typical but real day in my life. It used to be busier when I had the kids home but we’re now empty nesters, just Manny and I and we like it. We’re at a place where we can almost come and go as we please. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our kids but it’s nice, this chapter, they do their thing and we do ours!

In present day 2024 my body doesn’t let me feel as free anymore and it makes things hard. Manny takes the recycles for me now and I shop online for our groceries to be delivered to our door. It’s a bit emotional to say it out loud but I just can’t do what I used to and it sucks so much!! I’m noticing my back is hunching now. I hadn’t been able to stand straight for a while now, this must be why and I limp quite a bit too. You can’t tell in today’s video because I was able to hide it better.

There’s a lot I’m grateful for and I try do create days like this even still. Just to head out and get some air and light. I just do what I can you know?

To watch today’s video click on the button below!

This was back in January in 2022 and if you haven’t read anywhere on my blog yet, I’m catching up to current day. Since my Papa passed in 9/2021 I took a break and didn’t start reposting til way later so, I’m catching up. Thanks for understanding!

In December 2021 we went to Mexico a much needed break. Watch part 1 below… this is a 4 part video series!! We had so much fun!

My next vlog we’ll be talking about my hair! Finally! I’ve recorded some of the process and all the blond was grown out but this process had me in a big mess of emotions and trying to decide what to do was nerve wracking for sure! More in that video.

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I hope you had a GREAT Holiday Season! Now for 2024! Be blessed, Be Safe!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the next post!

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