Cleaning the Kitchen Pt 4 || Let’s go shopping! || Reorganizing the island!

Hey guys!

Well, I’ve had a busy week, busy enough that I didn’t share everything in this vlog. But you know, the point of this particular vlog was focusing on the kitchen mainly and so this week I ended up at Walmart more times than I care to be there but I found some baskets finally! I have a total of 7 and 1 came with a set of smaller baskets….I share this in the video but I do have enough baskets now! LOL. I’m also on the hunt for drawer organizers to here we come “At Home” and “Home Goods” too!

Let’s share today’s video! Just click on the thumbnail below!

So my plan for hitting 3 stores was to get enough drawer organizers and baskets for the island, for at least 6 of the drawers which is how many the island has. Although I have some trays in some, I really needed to re-organize and toss out some crap and to make it more functional so I cleared 2 drawers and then went shopping.

You can find some kitchen drawer organizers from At Home HERE and some organizational products at Home Goods HERE. Of course it’s better if you go in person to choose what you need, besides that, if you’re like me you’ll wanna go and see all of the pretties!

To read about, get product links and watch the videos on parts 1-3, click the button’s below!!

These are the tray organizers I got from “Home Goods”!

These are the organizers I got from “At Home”! These all were in a pack of 2. Prices are in the captions.

Now to address the end of the video, it was just a few days later that I got a call from Lisa that papi was having some issues with not being able to eat because he had been vomiting again. Papi had been having episodes of vomiting before but this became frequent and for me felt different. His appetite was less and less, he would only have a bite or two and wouldn’t eat because he said it had no flavor but that also he felt nauseous a lot. I had the feeling or urgency to go back to LA so on September 2, I flew out to be with papi and help mom.

In the month of August that I spent at home I was not only working on the kitchen clean out but also working on the next baby shower coming up on Oct 2 for Lisa and Tony’s oldest, Anthony and his wife Monique. It was a very detailed and very time consuming project. When I left to LA I packed up all of the supplies I would need to try and work on it while there. I almost didn’t make it because September became a very HARD month for me and my family.

Papi began growing more anxious with more increased pain and his mental status was up and down. Papi slept a lot and sometimes would wake up in the middle of the night very disoriented and tried several times to get out of his bed. One of the most scary things to see. Some days he would be agitated for no reason and in my whole life I’ve never seen him get this way for no reason. September was very difficult. We saw him deteriorating fast. By September 9th Papi was in a coma like state. On September 19 around 4pm, Papi took his last breath.

I documented this time, not only because I was sharing my life but it was also something to look back on in our story. I’m sharing the video vlog of my documenting of this time below. I welcome you to watch. I documented the regression we saw in Papi up to the day we buried him. Towards the end of the video I sat down with my mom and we talked about Papi’s passing and how mom was doing. I included a slideshow of our family and told a bit of Papi’s story.

I needed a getaway so after my dad’s memorial gathering my husband and I took a couple of days to ourselves and went to Pizmo Beach. That was a much needed get away but when we got back my mood and my energy was so overwhelming that I couldn’t concentrate on the baby shower preparation. I almost didn’t finish the project so Lisa had to help me. I vlogged some of that but I just couldn’t get my mood up to vlog the party.

After my Papi passed away mom wanted to come back home with me to just get away. She needed to, she was exhausted and sad and needed some time to grieve and mourn. In a way so did I.

I was able to vlog a bit but I didn’t post for a while….which is why I’m still sharing my life from 2021. Stick with me ya’ll, I’ll get there.

I’m so glad you stopped by, I’ll see you in the next vlog post! Be safe

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