Cleaning The Kitchen Pt 3 || “The Upper Cabinets”

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Well, my kitchen is coming along. Today’s target was my upper cabinets where I’ve got some of my baking goods, spices, some canned food and my dishes. I also had my built in microwave that was gross, the inside wasn’t bad since I always wipe that out every few days but because I cook about 4-5 times a week and I was gone for a few months, there was grease stuck in the underneath and the vent of the microwave.

Watch today’s video below!

As I’ve mentioned in a prior video, I don’t use vinegar to clean. I don’t like the smell believe it or not. I always use a bleach spray and kitchen face size towels and a sponge. Do I spray directly on surfaces? I do yes….I really think it’s from those Saturday mornings that my mom would clean the house and it always smelled like bleach and the original scent of Pine Sol!! I LOVE the smell!! *shrugging shoulders

Here’s my Part 1 and 2 videos to this series!

In my part 2 blog post I have tons of links to products in case you’re interested at all in what I used! You can check that HERE

I had food again that I needed to clear out, non Keto stuff like beans and canned corn! There was a lot of things that had expired too. I love doing a deep cleaning of my kitchen and bathrooms though because I’m able to get rid of old things and I really try to find new ways to organize. Kinda like when you re-arrange the living room or your bedroom and maybe shop your house to use in other areas…you know what I mean? ….. yes, like that! Does it have to be “Pinteresty”, I don’t think so but I also think that when you deep clean, purge and re-arrange things in your home, it looks amazing!

The last thing to purge and re-organize will be the island and maybe the cabinet where I have all of my pots, pans and casserole type dishes and cake pans too. Well, not in the cabinet of pots so much as I just need to wipe it out because I had recently cleared some things out of there to put in a yard sale the year before. In the island, my drawers….ugh….makes flustered just thinking about it. I hate clutter, I really do!! LOL and even though this project is from 2021 it feels nice to declutter!! Can’t wait to show you!

I still need to get some more of those white baskets to finish the pantry but stay tuned for the next video….we’re going shopping at “Home Goods” and to “At Home”!! Subscribe to my channel HERE to see what I end up getting!!

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