Cleaning the Kitchen Pt 2 || Organizing My Tiny Pantry!

Hello again!

The pantry is looking good finally! I had cleaned it out completely top to bottom and today’s post is the reveal! It’s not like a Pinterest worthy pantry because I hadn’t pre-planned any organizational solutions like containers and labels BUT that wasn’t my goal….my goal was to just declutter of expired foods, clean and organize what I had left, especially to reuse my canisters somehow aaaand I was happy to find new homes for all of them! It helps too that at this time in 2021 we are on a Keto diet so that eliminated a lot. There’s no beans, rice, pasta, sweets and all the other carbs there are….it’s a Keto free pantry and that in itself made it much roomier! Wanna see??

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Of course another goal for me is the hope that’s this will motivate or inspire others. Sometimes it helps to see what others are doing AND/OR you just like watching people clean!! That’s ok too you little freak!! *wink

Anyhoo! Check out some info at the Part 1 post HERE

Let’s talk a bit more about what I used for storage…

You’ll notice I had some white baskets from The Dollar Tree, well, I hated those, they were too flimsy and cracked on the bottoms and the handles kept breaking. It was just a waste of money as I had to throw away about 4 of them. So since I cleared the top of fridge #2 of 3 baskets I bought a few months before, these became my new organizing baskets I decided to use in the pantry and they worked out great, they were much more sturdy and held more than those teal baskets, plus they were a little wider barely leaving a gap between them. The pics below are linked to where you can find them to make it easier for you!! I also captioned where they are from.

The Amazon baskets are rounded on the corners but the size is the same. Other containers I used were the clear acrylic canisters I already had! I believe I only had 2 sizes but the large ones were 8″x8″ (150 oz) and the slimmer one is 7.5″x5″ (59 oz). The sets in the last picture are of similar canisters that I would totally get if I was looking for canisters again. The wood lids are my jam!! I saw some on the Walmart website but they were glass, a little too risky for me, I’m a bit clumsy! LOL

For some of the foods I mentioned in my video…I’ll link them below too but if I forgot something please let me know in the comments. I won’t link the hibiscus tea though, that can be found at any Latin market. I believe Walmart’s Hispanic food section may have it!

I can’t remember where I bought those black sticker labels for my canisters but I’ll link similar ones below as well as the new clip ones I want to get for my baskets!

I think one day I would like to add wood shelves in the pantry, I’m not a fan of the metal ones. They are loud when you move the baskets around and I really never liked the look. Anyhow, that’s for another day!

So friends, can you guess what we’ll be doing next? Check out the peek at the end of todays video linked in the button above!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Stay safe!

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