Clean with me! || Cleaning the Kitchen Pt 1 || The Fridge and Pantry

Hello world!

Well, it’s August 2021 and as before, I’m still catching up (I’ll mention this in every post until I’m caught up). I had just come home and the following day was a little bit overwhelming because the WHOLE house needed some cleaning. For me it was important to give some attention to the HUB of our home which is the kitchen. I had just restocked the refrigerator so I started cleaning there, then the pantry!

I hope this “Clean with me” video gives you some inspo to do the same if needed. You won’t believe how old some of our food was!! Click the button below to watch today’s video!

Some of the containers I used in fridge #1 was from Home Goods but I couldn’t find any links there. I’ll share similar containers I found.

  • For the canned diet Ginger Ale storage I LOVE, I found a similar one on Amazon!!
  • For some small jars I keep corralled in, this long container works for me!
  • These hold 18 eggs in each bin and are stackable!

For my Pantry I had these pretty aqua blue large shoe boxes with lids I found on clearance from our Portland IKEA. I don’t see them at that IKEA anymore but they didn’t work in my pantry too well so I changed them out for the Walmart white weave designed plastic baskets in “medium” size. Similar baskets on Amazon!

I mentioned some containers that were in my studio. I was in the middle of purging, cleaning and organizing it, click the button below to watch that! This is at my craft channel, “The Jule Box Studios”, come over to hang out if you craft at all.

The most surprising part of this whole clean-out was how much expired food I had!! You wouldn’t believe it!! It was so satisfying doing this and I felt it a little bit therapeutic for me given the fact that I had been stressed and I think I was feeling depressed with all that’s been going on with my dad. I really needed to be home for a bit to recharge and it helped!!

I’ll be uploading the part 2 soon where I finally get the pantry organized and then I’ll move on to the kitchen island! Subscribe to my channel and click on the notifications to get notified when those are up.

I’ll see you soon! Have a great day ya’ll!

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