Charley’s Story!

It’ll be 1 month on the 3rd of Nov that she’s been gone. I’ve been so sad since and I miss her horribly bad. I swear I see her sleeping in her bed next to me some nights and I swear I can hear the jiggle of her tags that hung from her collar….sometimes I even hear her little nails as she’s walking out through her doggie door to go outside to potty. There’s a little bit of that that’s already diminishing and I don’t want it to. I wish I could scratch her ears and talk to her and kiss her head like I always did.

Her bed is gone now, as are all of her blankets and her food.

I decided I was going to keep her collar and one of her cute little coats she used to wear when the weather got chilly out here in the Pacific Northwest. I decided that I was going to make candles with her cute yellow ceramic bowls!

There was a basket full of toys she played with at one time but as she got older she had about 3 favs. A brown dog, a gray husky and a very colorful monkey! I kept the husky, it sits on my dresser now, cute and eyeless….lol…she chewed them off. Little stinker.

Her last day on this earth was October 3rd and she closed her eyes around 5pm. I couldn’t believe she was gone, she was still such a beautiful girl even laying there. I was called back to the clinic a week later to pick up her ashes and I’ve decided to bury her outside in the garden. I talk about that in my video “Charley’s Story”. You can watch it by clicking the button below. I go through her life and share her puppy pictures and some videos that were almost lost. You’ll see other dogs she played with throughout her time with us. The German Shepherd was my daughter Anna’s dog who passed in December of 2021, a black, white and brown dog named Panda (“Pandi”) who passed away around 2014 who was also Anna’s and you’ll see Chico who was Charley’s liter mate brother who stayed with Lisa in LA.

I dug for days searching for old pics and old video footage of Charley….I don’t have many of just her but I reminisced about those days and how energetic she still was up until the end! Charley was 15 and I loved every second I had with her!! I miss her, I think I’ll always miss her.

In my video I mentioned 3 other videos I posted on Youtube, there are really 4 others. I linked those in the description box if you would like to watch those.

I hope you enjoyed Charley’s story!

Share your story with me if you’d like. Have a great day!

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