Calling 911!! || Manny came for a visit || A new studio in LA!

Hey world!

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m gonna do it again just so ya’ll know if you’re new here. I’m having to play catch up with my vlogs. So, you’ll notice the time stamps I add in my videos are from 2021….why? 2021 was a difficult year and I hadn’t been able to post 2021 content. The whole year was a fog! I wasn’t home, my Dad was getting worse and that took a toll on us. After he passed away I desperately needed a vacation with my honey (Manny). In December 2021, my daughter Anna lost her dog and was going through a really rough time with that (I never mentioned that about her dog passing away), Navi the German Shepherd was about 13 years old. Such a HUGE SWEETIE and Anna was SO IN LOVE with her. It took her weeks to finally have a “no tear” day! Anyhow, I’m catching up on 2021 in 2022, hopefully. LOL!

Ok, On to the post!

I’ve started my videos with scenes from the previous episode, so here is that video. I was supposed to go on a job that Saturday July 3rd with Tony but I had Manny coming in that Saturday and I told Danny I would help him with picking out a mattress. It was at IKEA where things rolled out of control. We didn’t know what a scary day that was gonna be.

We’re thankful that everything was ok and Niyah checked out fine but you never know with babies, especially with premies! We were so worried obviously but the nurses and doctors were great and reassuring about what may have happened. Now this was last year and has not had any issues since thanks you JESUS!

Manny came to visit for 3 days and I didn’t vlog a whole lot because I wanted to spend time with him but I added small glimpses. I was so sad when he left!! I feel empty without the man.

Our family dynamic is pretty transparent and you’ll see that clearly throughout my vlogs. We don’t apologize for it. We have been through a lot and have always been super close and supported each other. I hope you see how much we care about each other! So much so that we bust on each other all the time! You’ll see that in our banter.

Lisa and I always talk about putting on events but we don’t know when or how unless we move to the same town. We’ve done parties for our family for years now and I make the invites and menus and things that makes me SUPER HAPPY! You’ll see that at my craft channel, “The Jule Box Studios“!

Our most favorite event we did to date was our “Coco Chanel Inspired” Baby Shower we put on for Alissa and Niyah back in June 2021!! SO fun!

I had mentioned in this video about Anthony and Mo’s baby shower coming in October 2021! I’ll have that project video at my craft channel because of course I’m sorta catching up over there too as well as in a vlog.

In the very end of my video I was having a moment….ummmm, my dad. I’ll share that video soon.

I’ll see you in the next vlog blog! LOL…..ha, that sounds weird.

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