Building our LA studio || Shingles!!! What? || Pearl Hunting at Redondo BEACH Pier!!

Happy 2023 guys! Such a busy time of year for all. I really hope you all had a great Holiday Season!! I pray you’re full of blessings this coming year! Be safe!

Let’s get to the Vlog for today! Just click on the button below to watch and don’t forget to Subscribe to the channel. TY!!

We’ve been gathering our IKEA furniture as they became available in stock. Even though this video is from 2021 we still need one more piece which is the Alex unit with the file drawer.

These are the pieces we got for the studio. As I searched for the links on each of these items I noticed a price increase but like everywhere prices on just about everything are rising.

Each product pic below has it’s link for your convenience.

Papi was now in Hospice at this point but mentally I was a bit drained and stressed. Something I had never thought would happen would be my body having a reaction to the stress I was going through. I share this situation in my video. Even though I had two areas of the break out it was painful. The meds helped me through after about another week after my Urgent Care visit. I’ll have the scars to remind me…ugh!

Since I knew the day was coming for my return home I got into production mode and wanted to get all of our products moved in so watch the next video coming.

I made some batches of candles, it’s not a tutorial just part of my vlog but I do get our products from, and My process is pretty much the same as what I shared in my video, the struggle is getting the kitchen to myself either super late at night when everyone is in bed OR early in the morning before anyone wakes up. Once the house is up it’s just too busy and I gotta put everything aside for later. Having the studio however is so much easier now. I have the room to myself and the Cricut, the printer and all of the supplies I need!!

A break from the house is always nice. We made a trip to the Redondo Beach Pier! Lisa and I went and got some toe rings for the Summer at “T’s Toe Rings” (Ste #103). For me it was a little painful. I was told it was because the tips of my toes are chunky…..smh! LOL

One of the other things we do when we go to this pier is that we go pearl hunting at “Kobe Pearl and Gem Co”! These guys have been there for like 40 years! You pick your Oysters and have them open them for you, they estimate the value for you and you can take them home or have them place a pearl on a charm, a ring, a bracelet or have earrings made with them, they sell the jewelry there too. It’s like better than a box of Cracker Jacks!!!! Mom got a bracelet and Lisa got a pair of earrings for Buggie and I took mine home! They are so pretty and it’s fun picking to see what you get!

We had 2 fun days visiting! Here are some pics from both days!

Such a pretty beach. There’s a lot of places to eat and shop and if you notice in the video there were pedal boats too! We may have to do that on another trip. When I first went they had a huge area by the fish market that had an arcade, Manny and I went there for our first date in 1987 but they’ve closed it down, not sure why but I have my memories.

Hope you’ll watch and subscribe for upcoming videos!

Have a great day and a phenomenal 2023!!

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