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What's Up Ya'll?

Most of these posts start with a video, it’s a vlog Blog or whatever but since there are times where we prepare for an event or we’re traveling that sometimes I like to post pictures and new places we’ve gone to eat at or visited that you might like to know about, hence the blog! 

Check out the snippets below, you never know what you’ll find.

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LIFE VLOG: Moving into the studio! || Colombian and Korean fusion?? || going home
Happy New Year again! I hope your 2023 is going super well!! I’m still playing catch-up and it’ll...
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Building our LA studio || Shingles!!! What? || Pearl Hunting at Redondo BEACH Pier!!
Happy 2023 guys! Such a busy time of year for all. I really hope you all had a great Holiday Season!!...
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narration overlay remembering charley
Charley's Story!
It’ll be 1 month on the 3rd of Nov that she’s been gone. I’ve been so sad since and...
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life vlog: Dancing the night away....for 2 minutes || Papi get's sick!!
Hey world! It’s been over a week now that I said goodbye to my Charley. Some of you who follow...
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Calling 911!! || Manny came for a visit || A new studio in LA!
Hey world! I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m gonna do it again just so ya’ll...
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Behind The Scenes: An independent Sound and Stage business, "ClickSound and Stage"
Hey hey ya’ll!! I thank you for stopping by! The agenda for the next 3 days was for a play at the...
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Weekly Vlog: Lisa has surgery | I got cut! | Inappropriate touching!! | Prepping for a BTS Vlog!
Hello world!! I’m moving right along with these Vlogs and it’s giving me all the fuzzies...
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Weekly June Vlog: Caring for a newborn at 50 |Planning an event |Real Talk moments |Caring for Papi!
  Hey world! As previously mentioned in my last video HERE when I announced I was quitting my job...
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A Coco Channel inspired Baby Shower!
Hi guys! Today’s share is a Coco Chanel inspired baby shower! Last year my niece Alissa gave birth...
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Our last days with Dad and his last moments....
Hello friends, This post is like none I’ve ever published… September 19, 2021 was my saddest...
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