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I'm a mom of two....

… beautiful grown ass kids and a sister to 2 brothers. I’m also a daughter of 2 OG Peruvians that I LOVE very very much!

I luckily was adopted as a sister to one of my best people, my sister in law Lisa, Tony’s wife, we’re so much a like and I don’t know what I would do without her. We met when we were 15 and she grossly fell for my brother Tony.  LOL!!

I LOVE that I’m a wife to Manny! He’s been my LOVE for over 35 years! My dad introduced us, can you believe that? I still can’t, Thanks Dad!!

My dad recently passed away on September 19, 2021 at the age of 91!! He left us peacefully and we’re now pouring ourselves into making my mom not feel so lonely. They’ve been together for over 60 years! WOW!

You can view the video (HERE) documenting the last days we had with dad. My Papi fell asleep for 10 days before he went to heaven and as painful as it was, we were blessed to have been by his side!

Stay tuned for some Travel videos!! It’s becoming one of our favorite things to do…well, whenever we can all go we try, and we’ve got Nana that can now come with us whenever she wants!

My other love is my furbaby Charley, she’s 15 this year and slowing down a little bit. She’s been my best 4 legged friend and she’s got 2 side teeth that stick out to the sides on her bottom jaw, TOO sweet and TOO cute! Come watch some of her reels on my Insta!  

Charley passed away on October 3, 2022. She had been ill the last 2 years of her little life and we felt it was right to put her to rest. “Remembering Charley” was my tribute to her and I will miss her deeply.

My want here is to share a little bit of us! I hope you’ll stop in to visit and see what trouble we can get into!

See ya in the posts or at the channel! Subscribe below!

My big LOVE is Paper Crafting! I’ve always loved making things with my hands and once I found Youtube, it was my outlet to share my projects!

If you’re a crafter come stop by my website and Youtube Channel and hang out.

To the right are just a few of my projects I made throughout my Youtube life! 

The Jule Box Studios website

The Jule Box Studios Channel

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2021