A Coco Channel inspired Baby Shower!

Hi guys!

Today’s share is a Coco Chanel inspired baby shower! Last year my niece Alissa gave birth 5 weeks early to her baby girl Niyah. It was a bit scary and stressful to say the least because Brandon (Niyah’s daddy) lost his mother a week before Niyah made her entrance. Well, we kinda needed some happy times so Lisa and I did our best to create a fun beautiful baby shower!

Lisa is my sister in law but we’ve been attached at the hip since we were teens. She started dating my brother Tony in the early 80’s, wow, such a long time ago! We have a super tight relationship and we always introduce each other as “my sister”! This vlog shows you quite a bit of our dynamic. Now, we are not event planners by career choice but we do like to host events as a family (like most families) for our family members, this was a huge one because Niyah was the first great grand baby girl!!

Alissa is Tony’s (my brother) and Lisa’s youngest and only daughter. She has a son who is now 9 yrs old (Mikey) and a step son who is 8  (Kaiden, Brandon’s son. Brandon is Alissa’s husband) and now Niyah is their baby girl. I call her Buggie because she was tiny when she was born, like a little bug!!

Since I’m a paper crafter and have always made the invites for baby showers, Birthdays and wedding for my family, this time was no different except that I finally got to make a girly baby shower invite after 2 handsome little boys. Alissa being the girly girl that she is wanted something in a “Coco Chanel” theme, maybe a bit formal, so I of course jumped into my studio and started the design! You can see the 2 part video tutorial vlog of my 4 piece Coco Chanel inspired project I made over at my craft channel The Jule Box Studios. I hope you’ll follow me there!

🔈 LET’S STOP for a sec……let me explain the timeline…This event took place on June 19, 2021. Buggie was born May 24, 2021. Why is this post just now being published a year later? Some of you know I lost my dad in Sept 2021. ALL of last year was a HARD year and I was able to gather tons of footage during but I was not able to edit many videos much less post them all in a current timeline so now, I’m playing catch-up.

Now that that is out of the way, stay tuned for a bunch more content coming!

//Detailed pics of the table setting and desserts…

If you’re in LA you may have access to a wholotta these things but if not, I hope this helps.

//Products we used for our event:

Silver Lace dinnerware set of 50 (we purchased 2)
Silver 13″ charger set of 6 (we got 12 sets)
10 ft Patio Umbrellas with LED lights (no stand, we purchased 8)
Umbrella Base: Purchased from Ace Hardware but similar on Amazon
Linen Napkins, white, pk of 24 x 4
Black tablecloth x 8 for 6 FT tables
✓ Chairs “bamboo style”: rented locally in Los Angeles
✓ 6 ft tables: we used our own but you can find them on Amazon HERE, LOWE’s HERE or Target HERE.
✓ Fresh flowers: Downtown Los Angeles “flower district”
Faux 1in diamonds for table decor
✓ Dessert stands were borrowed from a friend but we purchased our own here: 6 pc set and 3 pc cake stands.
✓ Menu cards, invitations, fans and table labels: vlog style 2 part tutorial at my craft channel HERE
✓ Gift baskets: 99 cent Store
✓ Baby clothes, diapers and wipes: Target
✓ Places we shopped at: Walmart, Costco, Northgate Gonzales Market

I hope you enjoyed the video! Leave me a comment or question below!

Thanks! Jules and family 🤍


Some links are affiliate links in which I do receive a small commission. It would be such a huge support to me and my family and we would very much appreciate if you decide to purchase those items with the links provided!
This post and this project is not sponsored. This project is for personal, educational and entertaining purposes only. Thanks!

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