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Hi! I'm Jules

I’ve been a YouTuber since 2009 as an online paper crafter (You can find my Craft Channel here) and never thought to share too much of  my personal life in a separate channel until about 6 years ago. I laugh as I write this because even back then when I started Vlogging, I was a little shy and didn’t share as much as I thought I should, BUT now, it’s on! 

There’s always a story to tell, whether good or bad, sad or happy, painful or joyous, we’ve all gone through them, right? Sometimes it helps to connect with someone who understands or has been through the same. Maybe one can be inspired to follow in the same foot steps as another to find that right path or find comfort that they’re not alone or say, “I wonder if that’ll work for me?” and sometimes there’s that “Aha” moment we love to discover and wanna chase that! …. I’ve been there numerous times! I hope a little peek into mine can do that, or even maybe make you laugh and that’s ok too!

So, I’m just gonna share me and my family and our moments of loses and moments of victory….we’ll see what comes tomorrow. I know who’s hands I’m in. 

You can find me and some life moments over at my other platforms below.